A real Dad Moment…of fear.

Oldest and I are getting ready to go the the Dentist. She is is getting a cavity filled.
That doesn’t worry me so much, as I have complete faith in Dr. Nilfa. (I just know she swears like a drunken sailor as soon as her last patient is gone…)
But for some reason, I’m afraid of how Oldest will react to the nitrous. I think it’s because I’ve never had it…not even recreationally. I’m also worried about what she’ll be like when the silly gas wears off, as Oldest is kind of a pain weanie. Not that I expect her to be Ahnold or anything, but she screams like someone has stuck an icepick in her ear when she gets her toenails cut.

Like when facing a wild dog, I’m trying not to show my fear, lest it be contagious.

On top of that, I’ll be leaving Smallest one with a sitter for the first time. I’m pretty sure all will be well. I’ll be setting them up with Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit flick; “The Curse of the WereRabbit”. It’s Beanie’s fave movie ever (yet…). And she adores the folks that’ll be with her. So she should be all set, but still…

A dad must worry. It’s part of the job.


Oldest one did wonderfully! The only thing that went wrong was that we ran into stupid traffic for no reason and were a bit late. She can’t wait for her appointment next week!

Smallest one did ver’ well with the SueHawk duo of sitters. I believe we will be availing ourselves of their services again in the future.

One thought on “A real Dad Moment…of fear.”

  1. Oh my! A great dentist is a rare thing indeed from my experience, especially for kids. I hope it went ok. Lil moonspun’s first dental experience ended with me clutching her to my chest and fleeing the office (I think she was 3) after the dentist shoved novacaine in her too harshly and then accused me of being a bad mother for telling him to stop. Good dentist finally happened here in Vermont. Though lil moonspun, through no fault of her eating habits has soft enamel and had 13, yes 13 cavities. Consequently and thanks to great kids state medical insurance, she went under general anthesia for 3 hours to have them filled and one actually removed. I wasn’t really afraid when she went under, but it was something to see her then 5 year old body go limp under the anethesia and to see her afterwards in the hospital bed still asleep with oxygen across her face. There’s nothing quite like that as a parent to make your knees week.
    Definitely one of the challenges as a parent is to mask your own fear and to talk in a calm voice when child voices theirs. I’ve got horrible, horrible memories of dental visits from my childhood and I never wanted my own child to have bad experiences. Luckily I think she is young enough that she doesn’t remember the bad and she is proud of the spacer she has where the dentist took out her tooth in the hospital. Though the proof may be in the next visit if she has a cavity and it’s just one…sigh…who knows what new medical adventures lie ahead? 🙄

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