What’s that beat I keep hearing?

It’s the doldrums. Nothing much is happening, yet many things are.
Like the tenant swap has happened, but not much has come of it yet.
The new job has begun, but not much has come of it yet. I know it will take a while to get into the roll of it, but I want to be a superstar, and NOW!
Like a doctor on vacation, I got no patience.

Psycho-Momia just keeps going, but there are times that I wonder if she as sure of our decisions as she seems.

I’ve come to realize that life with kids isn’t a bundle of great moments that make easy post fodder – it usually takes someone else to point out funny or amazing things about the girls.

Still working on The upcoming endeavour, but if you want to have a looksee, go ahead. Let me know what you think in the comments…..

3 thoughts on “What’s that beat I keep hearing?”

  1. That beat, my friend is the fine rhythm of every day life. It’s overwhelming sometimes yet simple in its complexity and ability steer you in one direction or another seemingly at whim.

  2. but when someone does tell you how wonderful your children are or how good or beautiful , it makes you realize what a good job your doing .sometimes you realize your acting like you parents and you don’t want to be like them just remember one thing if you fail at being a parent you children fail.

  3. Well Said Mike. Glad to see you’ve made it here. Pipe up more often.

    One thing, though:
    Children can indeed succeed in spite of their parents fuck-ups. It just takes them longer, and it’s harder.

    I know.

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