Flowchart: Is it f*cked up? What to do, if so.

Flowchart: Is it f*cked up? What to do, if so.: “Xeni Jardin:

BoingBoing readder Cristóbal Palmer responds to a recent BB post about Tactical Usage of the phrase ‘Oh Snap!’, and says:

My own flowchart. Starts with the question, ‘Is it fucked up?’ and goes from there. Did this a long time ago. Original version I did here, blog post I just posted with more legible, updated version here.

I have needed one of these my entire life. Manys the time it would’ve saved my ass.

(Via Boing Boing.)


Such a nice thing not to have to worry about going back. I finished up at WFM last night, and though I’m staying as a seasonal employee, I’m so glad to be done. Some folks are good at playing the stupid corporate politics, and get along just fine with their ethics disconnected. Me, not so much.

I want to give a shout out to the fine folks who joined me last night for a celebration of my departure: Jasmine (who left me with such fine mental imagery – who wouldn’t eat the spinach, indeed!), Kate, who reappeared just in time to say “see ya”, Willy B (fresh off the plane, and go for it – I would in a heartbeat!), Fester Walnuts (remember – just say no), William (safe return, and good luck with the music), Stefan (may Eris arrive quietly, and well), Pavel (go back to Alaska, and let your hair grow), George (my cross counter bud) and Edwin (tell her to turn down the suction). We had a great time, and thanks to the fine staff at The Field for keeping the refreshments flowing and the tables cleared.

Jared – you suck. Get me to agree to go out, and you don’t even bother showing up. Hmmph.

Stay in touch folks, and don’t forget to order thoseTattooed Dad t-shirts you all said you’d buy!

Coming soon – An announcement of my future endeavors.