Frustration – it’s making me wait.

What a day.

Damned near everything that could go wrong – did. I managed to break my freaking toe. Almost 40 years without a single broken bone – some minor fractures, but never a break. And I have to go and break my friggin’ little toe… couldn’t have been a big toe, or anything.

Humiliation is real.

Here’s the scene: I finally get the kids to agree on lunch, and get them settled down and eating. I bop over into Middleearth (our undefinable room), and check my mail to see if the unnamed potential employer has gotten back to me. I sit down, and the shrieking begins. I jump up, and head for the kitchen to find the cause. CRACK!!!! I wrap my foot around the leg of the coffee table – pain, and lots of it. I guess I knew right away that something broke, but I’m stubborn, and had to deal with the chillins. I hobbled out to the other room, swearing my bloody fool head off in my made up language. When you work retail as long as I have, you find ways to blow off steam without using identifible cuss words. Proves to be handy with kids as well.

Anyway, to go on with the story, I wait until the pain subsides to a dull roar, and go about the business of the day. They finish eating, I get them dressed, and hobble out the door to run the days errands. We get back home, grab the mail, and try unsuccessfully to get the wee ones to nap. A frustrating hour later, I finally get a chance to check out my foot.

Hmmm… a dime sized dark purple bruise right between my 4th and 5th toe. I take some arnica, and a couple of non asprin pain relievers (why give them a google hit?). Checking my email – nope, nothing yet. They had said they wanted to interview on Thursday! It’s Wedensday afternoon…and no time has been set?


After that, I had to deal with several mistaken bills – unpaid excise tax? We paid that, I know it! Frickin Verizon, and their fucked up billing department…can’t even get into that.

Time passes, Psycho-Momia comes home, shares some good news (old friend reconnection), and looks at my foot. “you should go to the hospital” “Naw, I’m fine…” 2 hours later, and I was in agreement. Once I didn’t *have* to ignore it, it got progressively worse.

The xrays show it is broked.
Oh well.

(now a couple of hours later…)
I finally got them! I interview tonight.
Time to prepare.