New Stuff!

So I’ve hacking away at the site. There are new navigation menus, a new Amazon Store (with recommendations from me – still working on it, though) and, finally, The Tattooed Dad Poetry page is live! Coming soonish will be my photography page and Visual arts page (yes, I consider them to be different.)

There are also open disscussion forums. If you have a login, then you are all set. If not, I beleive you will need to register to post.
Feel free to post away there. Anything goes. Except the rule about kids, Pee, Poop, or critters. Can’t be having that stuff going on!

I hope to put away the tools, and start writing more about life very soon. I only have a limited amount of time to “work” on, so I have to divvy up which aspect I spend time on. Lately it’s been (re)learning CSS so I can get things working and looking the way I want them to. That, and my thoughts have been leaning way too dark lately, and it’s hard for me to write in that space.

The previously mentioned opportunity to get something free is still in the works, just not ready yet.

Thanks for staying around. I can see that many are still reading, and I appreciate that.
I would like to hear more of your voices, though.