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Kicking it Xmas style

UPDATE: I fixed the bloody songs. Why can’t I ever post an MP3 right the first time?Damn it. Chag beat to it.

I’d been planning on posting some favorite Christmas tunes, and he goes and does a whole list. Now that I’ve gotten the hard drive sorted out, I can start mine. I swing different though. I’m going to post 2 songs each day between now and then. At least he didn’t hurt my list all that much.

First I gotta tell you, that the holiday period gets kinda bizarre for me. As a non christian, it galls me that I gotta deal with it. Yet, due to the cultural conditioning we all are subject to, I get all of the pavlovian responses. I want to get and give things, I want to spend time with my loved ones, I want a tree and lights (LOTS of lights!), I am both repulsed and attracted to the crazed level of consumption that occurs this time of year – more this year, because I work in the great temple of unneeded, overpriced, poorly made crap – the Mall.

Which tells you why this list is gonna be heavy on the parody side.
We’ll start with a classic from Bob Rivers – Wreck The Malls. I’d actually forgotten about this until it came up on shuffle at work after close the other night.

Wreck The Malls

Next is , as Chag said, one of the absolute best Christmas songs ever. Known mostly for songs other bands have covered (Mama, weer all crazzee now and C’mon, Feel the Noize), Slade is/was a fantastic band with amazing songwriting chops. Here’s “Merry Christmas, Everybody”.

Merry Christmas, Everybody

What are some of your favorites?

What the hell is wrong with people?

I subscribe to a great many web feeds. Not everything that comes through them is to my taste, but once in a while something grabs me.

This is the first time in a long time something has pissed me off to my core.

I just watched a video. I got linked to it, but will not link back to it. They deserve no hits – none.

In this video, a woman shoots a treed bear cub. She and a guy she’s with, drag the former bear out of the trees, and he proceeds to bend her over the bear and fuck. They then go have a drink, and set a pack of dogs on the carcass of the bear.

Can anyone tell me why this happened? How you could justify this bullshit?

I am not against hunting. I am not against kink. This is neither.

These people should be hunted down, and hurt – badly, and permanently.