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Missing you (Update x 2)

And they say magick doesn’t work.

Since I made the “Missing You” Post, I have gotten contacted by one person on the list, randomly ran into one who I left off the list, and that guy clued me in on Rog.

Sympathetic magick in it’s best way…

Hodge – I know you will see this (eventually). Drop me a line, bro.


Got him! Much celebration shall ensue!
Guess I’ll have to be making a trip soon.

More on things

You may have noticed a new button at the top of each post.(Temporarily removed until I can figure out why it breaks Safari.) This button, when clicked, turns each post into an audio file so that you may listen to it. It is a computer reading it ( sounds like MacOSX to me, specifically Bruce). But it’s neat. You can subscribe to it by clicking HERE, which should open iTunes for you, or which ever RSS reader you may be using.

Anyway, Smoking and not smoking. Not as good as I might like…but a butt load better than I’ve done before. It helped that I stayed home with the 3 most wonderful ladies in the world all weekend. Nice days, great nights. A happy Father’s day, indeed.