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Life is interesting, and shooting a movie

So I came home the other night to find the house a wee bit chilly. At 11:30pm, I had to take apart our bloody boiler, and figure out what was happening with it. An hour and a half later, I found the issue, resolved it, and went to bed. Now that’s what I call a great way to spend a night. It’s so much fun being a grown up.

In other news, Maynard James Keenan is going to be signing wine at Psycho Momia’s store in June. Kinda wonder if he’d remember meeting me with “purple hair” Ron nearly 20 years ago. I doubt it, but it’d be fun to ask.

Due to some top sekret stuff at work, I will have 2 weeks off in the late summer. During that time, I hope to shoot Nick Stone, Vagabond. I am looking for skilled and unskilled help for that project. I need to cast it, and crew it. For casting, I need a male, late 20’s to early 30’s in Appearance, a female early to mid 20’s, a male in 40’s, , etc.

This is a no-budget production – which means I can’t afford to pay anyone. I will guarantee a share of any revenue that it generates. (without Hollywood Accounting)

It’s a sci fi thang, being done in such a way that I can release it like an old time serial, or as a feature. All shooting should take 4-5 days. Only the two main actors will need to be available for all 5 days.

I also need an industrial site to shoot some interiors and exteriors. I need an exterior door, a parking lot, some non descript hallways, a set of interior doors, and a medium to large room.

Most of the shoot will be done in Braintree at Haydenstar Productions. Pictures of that set can be seen here.

If you can help in anyway, please contact me via this site or via info@vagabondtv.net.

Staring at a blank page

(tap, tap… Umm, is this thing on?)
Oh, hi! Didn’t see you there.
I was inspecting the cobwebs, see, and…

I know, I know. Bad blogger. Thing is, see, that when life is happening, I’m just too bloody busy to write about it.
Having just finished a chore, done with buggy and never to be updated software, I actually have a minute to myself – before midnight!

Mostly these days, I say short and pithy things on the Twitter. You can find me there by clicking here or looking over to the right.

It’s short, and sweet, being limited to 140 characters. Some folks don’t get it, and that’s ok.

Around here, it’s the same usual chaos. Still working on the 3rd floor bedroom, still raising 2 incredible, frustrating, amazing daughters, still working for the fruit, still head over heels, madly, gladly in love with Psycho Momia (even if I am stupid enough to occasionally really piss her off – I’m a dipshit, I tells ya).

OLPM is off on the florida panhandle for a visit, which has put some strain upon life. Psycho Momia‘s boss has been kind, and lets her leave early on the days I have work, and my boss has also been accomodating, but the end result is our next day off together isn’t likely to be until the middle of May.

I spent 2 weeks in Atlanta for Training. Nice town you folks have down there. If ever you are there, go to The Vortex Bar and Grill for the best damned burgers I’ve had – ever. Even better than In-n-Out. There, I said it. Hot Alt folk for waitrons, crazy stuff to look at everywhere (including motorcycles ridden by skeletons hung from the ceilings).
Ate me sum gator whilst I was down there, too.

Not much else going on. Really.

A journey through the mind Of a Tattooed Dad.