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Having a Wonderful CrashMas

So I know things have been weak around here. I’ve been busy with the usual and the unusual. The usual, you can guess at. The unusual, well, I have a main line out that is blocked. What? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Oh. Well, there’s this big ass pipe that carries everything that goes down the drain away from the house to the sewer. That’s the main line. It’s clogged up with nasty stuff, as you might imagine. Been trying to deal with that. Not so successfully so far.

Also, just as I’m ramping up to do two websites (It’s a side line of mine – if you need my help, check out Kallisti Medias), my hard drive has gone south. I’m currently trying to pull stuff I hadn’t yet backed up, and it’s frustrating. With luck, and help from the Great Tech gods, I’ll be back up by tonite.

I would like to offer belated Congratulations to MoonSpun And Running Professor.
They’s gettin’ Hitched!

Coming soon to Tattooed Dad, I will be shareing some of my Fave Xmas tracks.
Also, a long winded rant on the state of consumption in America.
Working in a mall certainly opens your eyes to the fact that American society is thrashing about in the final stages of consumption. 9 year olds with $400 phones…

What the hell is wrong with people?

I subscribe to a great many web feeds. Not everything that comes through them is to my taste, but once in a while something grabs me.

This is the first time in a long time something has pissed me off to my core.

I just watched a video. I got linked to it, but will not link back to it. They deserve no hits – none.

In this video, a woman shoots a treed bear cub. She and a guy she’s with, drag the former bear out of the trees, and he proceeds to bend her over the bear and fuck. They then go have a drink, and set a pack of dogs on the carcass of the bear.

Can anyone tell me why this happened? How you could justify this bullshit?

I am not against hunting. I am not against kink. This is neither.

These people should be hunted down, and hurt – badly, and permanently.