Has it really been a month? I guess blogging hasn’t really been on my mind. Just about everything else has been.

We just got Psycho Momia‘s car back to us 3 days ago. The insurance company put us through hell, but I won’t go into that.

The current thing is that the Fruit has really screwed me. When I took the “Brainiac” position, I was excited about going for training and certification. That excitement has dwindled now all the way to dread. For whatever reasons there are, I am now: Not going to California. Not going to be here for Smallest Child’s 4th birthday. Neither thing is sitting very well with me.


I started writing this 3 days ago. Nothing much has changed, except that I am more resigned to it. This was something that I was looking forward to, and now I just want to get it over with.

Work on the attic continues on. A couple of weeks ago, we moved our bed in to there, and began sleeping alone for the first time since oldest was born. Definitely has it’s benefits. Lights on, volume up!
The down side is that I can only work on half the room. Once I have that half primed, we’ll move the bed to that side, and I can finish up the side we are sleeping in. There is no more framing to do, the dry wall is about 80%, and I’m taping and mudding. The house is so old, that even where I built in, nothing is even remotely square. Just about every piece of sheetrock needs to be cut, and seams have to be filled.

We also pulled down most of the plaster in the entryway, insulated and re-rocked. I added a light to the entry way, and replaced the worn out porchlight switch. I also have skim coated over the mess of plaster, joint compound and wallpaper on the interior wall. Remind me next time to just pull the plaster down, cuz it’s a true pain in the ass.

After a weekend in the 60’s, we are getting another 6 inches of snow today. Most annoying.