Quiet…too quiet.

Yeah. Winter in New England sucks. Snow Storms, snow blowers, Ice storms and more of the same come cruisin’ along. I love the initial part of winter – the crisp air, the amazingly blue skies, the geometric chaos of the naked tree limbs. The joy of the first snowfall. And then I have to go and remove it, and drive in it. Driving in the snow is not hard. Steady speed, stay of the brakes, plan for long stopping distances. And yet every 2nd mother fucking driver either doesn’t know this, or thinks the laws of physics don’t apply to them. It is fairly amusing to see these moronic shitbirds go flying by in their $60k “SUV”s only to see them in a ditch 2 miles up the road, but it doesn’t soften the blow of having to try to avoid them.

Work on our nest continues, and is getting closer to being complete. 85% of the sheetrock is up, 90% of the electrical is done, heat is in, and Psycho Momia has begun mudding.

As Zen Bones coined it, Fake Jesus Birthday went mostly well, aside from the standard disagreement over how much stuff the girls get. That’s part of being Satan Santa. My beloved wife and a pair of friends went in together and got me my first Utilikilt. I LOVE THIS THING!!!! Big ass pockets for all my stuph, free swinging breezes, and fast access to necessary objects, if’n you know what I mean. Currently, I’m wearing it about the house, but as soon as it is regularly over 50 degrees out, I may never wear pants.

OLPM is going out of town for a few days and I cannot wait. Means lots of opportunity for non discrete sexual activities, and I have more than a few ideas for Psycho Momia.