The week in review episode one

So I think I’m gonna do it like this for the time being. Once a week, I’ll give a recap of life.

The Wee Ones

Last week was Oldest child’s 6th Bday. We had decided previously that we were going to skip a party, as we are all balls out with work, school and such. We are going to have an unbirthday party in late January to make up for my missing 40th, Psycho Momia’s 39th, and Oldest Child’s 6th. More info shall be forthcoming on that.
We went out for Breakfast for OC’s bday. We went (by request) to the Owl Diner(see review here – they have no site of their own), where the girls ordered their usual – the French Toast Special – 4 big ass slices of texas toast drowning in cut strawberries and whipped cream. OC’s arrived crowned with a candle and a song. She was most embarrassed – which was funny.
She attended school that day, again by request, and Psycho Momia made her special Bday cookies for her entire class. Afterwards, we went out for dinner – once more by request – to Lui Lui’s in Nashua. She got embarrassed again.

The Iceman Cometh

The entirety of northern New England got whacked by an ice storm and mostly lost power. We only lost power for a day, and managed to survive with only minor bumps in the road. Remind me next summer to finally buy that generator I’ve been wanting…. We suffered only minor tree damage due to having the biguns taken down last summer. That was not the case for my good buddy Zen Bones, whose house got whacked by a tree, and was told he wouldn’t have power for a week or more. He tells his story here. Which dovetails nicely into…

Finally Seeing Voltaire!

I have been a fan of Voltaire’s since the mid 90’s, when I first discovered his comicbook, Chi-Chian. Shortly after that, he released his first record, and that cemented the deal. To pull his own quote, he’s a “Gothic Renaissance man with Gypsy pirate band. “Funny, most attractive and multi talented, he does stop motion animation, film, he writes, he draws, etc.
I’ve been trying to catch him live for a number of years, always just missing him. On Saturday, We (myself, Psycho Momia, and Zen Bones drive up to Salem and finally caught him. First, let’s just say that a Goth Night in a Thai Restaurant is surreal.
Voltaire is the single most approachable, warm and genuine performer I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with – including the many I’ve worked with over the years. He is also very comfortable on stage – falling somewhere between a folkie and a comedian. A masterful entertainer, we never stopped laughing and dancing. Before, during and after, we had many opportunities to speak with him. He coveted both my skull sweater, and Psycho Momia’s Twins, and voiced that quite eloquently. He signed stuff for us (and everybody else) and then we stumbled out into the night. If Voltaire is ever in your neighbor hood, do yourself a favor, and head out to see him. (Thanks to Gothic Maine and Darq Salem for bringing him in.)

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  1. I like the week in review…assuming you keep it up, it will be something to look forward to.
    I think the unbirthday idea is a great one. I hope we can make it
    Good for you both to for getting out and heck, what’s NOT to covet about PM’s twins? ❗

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