13 years, or 8, depending on your POV

Today marks the 13th anniversary of Psycho Momia finally realizing that I meant business. It only took a year… and then five more to get married.

My partner, my lover, my friend, my muse,
inspiring me to be better, to do better,
gifting me with two wonderful children,
and many sweaty wonderful nights,
My wife, my queen, my love.
Thank you for being my all.

4 thoughts on “13 years, or 8, depending on your POV”

  1. Wonderful, wonderful…We have a few great pics of both you from our wedding. In one, you are staring at each other with enthralled expressions…congratulations!

  2. Yea! Congratulations! I am glad I’ve known you both for 11 of those years. You’ve toughed out some challenging times. But I love when we visit how you connect with each other in big and small ways.
    And yea for sweaty nights. We have a lovely pre-surgery one ourselves last night!

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