So, on Friday night, there we were – me and Psycho Momia, getting all up in it, and being like

When I turn my head, and “oh fuck.” There’s oldest daughter.
Red lights, warning sirens, depressurization pumps at full capacity…

Welp, let’s just say the disturbed psyche wouldn’t let things progress any further that night.

We have a great day Saturday, as it’s one of the rare days we are both off. We are both, naturally, more than a little flirty and such. I get the wee girls down for bed (finally! Smallest child has been most difficult lately.), and we settle in for a night of “grown up time”.

Cut to this morning – after I’ve left for work. Oldest (again!) tells Psycho Momia, “I sneaked downstairs last nite to go pee. You and Dada were watching a movie…I think it was a grown-up movie cuz it had a lady in it.” Would you, dear reader, like to make a guess at the kind of movie we were watching?
Psycho Momia asks her if she wanted to ask any questions, and her response went like this: “No. But Mama, Maybe when I’m older, I can watch it with you…”


Not Bleedin’ Likely.

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