12 years in Love, 7 years in bliss

12 years ago today, a beautiful woman consented to go out for a drink with me – after a full year doing everything to get her to take me seriously – short of clubbing her over the head like the proverbial caveman.
Five years later, minus three weeks or so, we were having a “heated discussion” that somehow turned into a mutual proposal. We told almost no-one what we were up to, got our state mandated bloodwork done, and stood together in front of a Magistrate in the Newton City Hall. Some would say that it wasn’t very romantic – but I’d say they lack heart. It was the most magical moment in my life. Our vows still ring in my mind, and I’ve not felt empty since.
I never wanted to get married – but somehow, someway, somewhere deep inside, marrying her was everything I ever wanted.
Our life together is not perfect. Our life together is not common. What it is, is ours. And I’d have it no other way.

Thank you for being my wife, and allowing me to be your Husband.

Without a Mask

I lie my head upon your breast
The warmth of your blood bathes me
And lays my fears to rest
Since we’ve come together
You’ve shown my eyes sights unseen
Brought life back to my dreams
Fanned the fires of my fantasies
Driven the ice black cold from my heart
I feel unlike I’ve ever felt
Physical emotional spiritual
Ecstasy beyond explanations
No need for words at your touch
My eyes tracing your face
Bring me far away
As my fingertips glide
Over your graceful curves
I become blank to all
But that touch
To bring you pleasure without censure
Is my beloved wish
When our souls meet
I am you you are me
Goddess and god
Complete as one
I can feel
I can love
I can live
Without a mask
Within you

6 thoughts on “12 years in Love, 7 years in bliss”

  1. 😀 Soooo Sweet! Happy Anniversary and many more. The pix is beautiful. Will ya send it to me? Have a wonderful day.

    Love Dad and Rose

  2. Having known both of your for ten years now, it’s been amazing to see your relationship change and grow. You are both wonderful people and a great couple. You work both work hard in so many ways to keep things going. Happy Anniversary! Seven years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, not to mention the other five years that preceded your magical moment. No one else can judge what’s right for you when you get married, city hall or not. Congratulations again!

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