I found this via the delightful fleshbot. And Aye think it’s a fine idea, matey!

Arrrr! Calling all pirates and wenches! Tis time to celebrate yer heritage! November 23rd is Fuck Like A Pirate Day!!

Der be only one rule for Fuck Like A Pirate Day… and that ye

We do have a few suggestions:

  • If ye like em, Wench em.
  • Plunder all ye can, tomorrow ye may be sleeping with thar fishes.
  • Rum.
  • If ye have a peg leg, be careful of splinters.
  • Did aye mention Rum?!?
  • If ye got the booty, share thar booty.
  • Whilst not required, ye are suggested to try one-eyed willie.
  • If ye have never been scallywagged, find someone to teach ye.
  • When ye find a ship to plunder, remember ye must board her first.
  • More Rum. FUCK LIKE A PIRATE!! Yar.
  • An eye patch may mean an empty eye socket, but ask before ye fuck der brains out.
  • Attack with ye sword until ye can’t anymore, then drink Rum.
  • No one should walk the plank unless they refuse to FUCK LIKE A PIRATE!! Yar.
  • If thar be burried treasure, get down thar and dig.