Looking for advice.

So – things have come to a head. Work things, that is. After 10 years spent with the unnamed employer, it’s time to vamoose. I’m not yet sure how or when, but I do know it will be soon.
Because of this, I’m looking at ways to bring money in – as is my duty, and pleasure to do as a Dad.

I haven’t had to look for work in 10 years. I am remembering just how painful it can be. I am either under-qualified, overpaid, unable to do the needed schedule, uninterested or too smart.

I need to have a gig that:
Is at night (5pm or later is best)
Pays at least $15 an hour.
Allows me at least fairly regular weekends off.
Allows me to work less than 40 hours a week.
Allows me to retain what little I have left of dignity.

Anyway, as I look to increase alternate income, I’m open to advice – in Job hunting, in Jumping ship and flying solo (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?).

Also, you, the few, the proud, my readers, can help me decide on something.
There are several companies out there that pay you for “sponsered posts”. These are clearly marked as such, and I would be voicing my opinion in truth – they ask that you write a polite reveiw – not a positive one.

What do you all think?
Any other ideas?

Any of you rich and looking for a kept man?(j/k)(or am I?)

(Oh, I have also been gently chastised for not posting more about my delightful little demons…. I promise more about the cherubs in the future.)

6 thoughts on “Looking for advice.”

  1. UPS night shift? They work you hard, but pay you good from what I hear…

    Journal Inq loading doc with a group of odd mixed-gender folk… lol Oh yeah, we’ve done that.

  2. Already looking into that.
    Although there was only Don at the JI…or Dorothy or what ever “her” name was.

    Here’s a random question: How is it that whenever I met a TS in RL, they are always ugly to begin with? Regardless of what gender they began with, or what gender they are physically becoming, I meet the ones who have been hammered on with an ugly stick!

    Except one….but she was a good 6 inches taller than I, and 50lbs or so heavier. The people you meet at scifi cons….

  3. Yeah, know what you mean. I am wondering about that “chick” that does headline news in the afternoon (the black woman that looks like she was one (or still is) a man.)

  4. Oh…If you are talking about the TALL thin Black woman from Boston…
    She’s never been a man. I’d bet my left nut on that. She used to shop at the store in Brighton. And she is much scarier in RL!!!!!

  5. Having worked for same unnammed employer for 15 years myself, I can relate to the scariness of looking for work. It’s a bit harder up here in Vermont and a number of things that you mentioned were true for me. Either I was overqualified or I had trouble being able to articulate how my experience would translate. In fact the job I do have now, I applied for a second time and was told they didn’t hire me the first time because I was overqualified. I said that I simply didn’t care, I wanted to work for them. Still, it’s tricky and hard to continually put yourself out there.
    I’ve heard of the online review things, why not give it a try? UPS might be a good idea as Ray said, but I think the hours really suck, like 3 am. I’ll try to think of more things…and give other advice as I think of it.
    You could always move to Vermont and work for Small Dog…they’ve got a retail store now… 😀

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