4 thoughts on “Geek Tattoos”

  1. Hey what’s wrong with geeky tattoos? I have an elvish one that I did myself. It’s small though.

  2. Nothing at all is wrong with them, although that article is snarky enough. I have comic book stuff, discordian stuff, and the aforementioned Scifi/Band tattoo. The only reason I don’t have an Apple tat yet, is cause I don’t have one yet.

  3. The great thing about geeky tattoos, is that it’s great when people see them and understand what it’s about. I have yet to have met anyone who was able to read my tattoo, but it is nice when people get what it is at least, or when I translate it for them, they know what I’m talking about. Then you know you’re talking to someone on the same level. Great conversation starters.

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