Virgina Tech And the state of the Mainstream Media…

I’m sure you have all been waiting with baited breath to see what I have to say about this clusterfuck.

First and foremost:
My sympathies to the Family and friends of those who died. All of them.
Nothing I can say will ease your sorrow…

A big FUCK OFF to the university officials for choosing to notify students and faculty via email. WTF were they thinking? Yes, it’s a tech school. But, fuck, even I go a couple of hours at time without access to email.

A large fuck you to MSM for sensationalizing it. On the scene, breaking news, recapping, Eyewitness accounts, fuck you! Leave these people to their grief and shock. Ever hear of the copycat effect? The more you put it out there, the more likely it is that some other poor disturbed individual will climb a water tower.

Shut the hell up, you neo-hippy pacifist pantywaists who are using this as an example of why we need stricter gun control. Stricter gun control will mean that it is even harder to control access to guns. When things go into the shadows, there is no light to see.

Fifth: As a parent, I can’t imagine the pain. There is no safety anywhere. There never has been, and there never will be. All we can do is teach our kids as best as we can, and love them more than we can.

7 thoughts on “Virgina Tech And the state of the Mainstream Media…”

  1. Okay, yo’re married to a pacifist pantywaist (where would you wear your panties, asshole?)

    Duh, the point is stricter access to guns: the fuckwad that took those people out should never have had those guns in the first place…they had the serial numbers filed off. Tightening up control of where the guns *are* is only going to help. We need to keep controls on who can get them, how and under what circumstances you are no longer permitted to have/buy/sell them. I refuse to even engage in the cliche about “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” when the fuck did you start supporting the NRA????

  2. Panties belong around ankles, silly!

    Serial numbers filed off? Didn’t catch that anywhere. Means he acquired them through the shadows to begin with. Shadows that exsist because of gun control.

    I do not, and never have supported the NRA.
    I do support the 2nd amendment, in it’s original purpose.
    Federal registration of firearms and other weapons is unconstitional, and leads to more total control of the people.

    Education, not Legislation.
    Personal Accountibility.

  3. Ok then. I found a reference to the serial numbers being filed off. At the same time, I found the guns were purchased legally in accordance with state and federal laws.

    From Wikipedia:

    Officials believe he used a 9 mm Glock 19 and a .22 caliber Walther P22 handgun. Cho purchased the 9 mm Glock 19 at Roanoke Firearms on March 13, 2007, and the .22-caliber handgun was purchased February 9, 2007 at a pawnbroker in Blacksburg. In Virginia, permanent legal residents of the United States who are 21 years of age or older are eligible to purchase handguns provided they have not been convicted of any felonies or have other disqualifications. Both guns were found with their serial numbers filed off, federal law enforcement officials said. The owner of Roanoke Firearms was reported to have been ‘devastated’ when he heard news that one of his weapons was used in the incident. According to former FBI agent Brad Garrett, “This was no spur of the moment crime. He’s been thinking about this for several months prior to the shooting.”
    It is not known what, if any, previous firearm experience or training Cho had completed before the massacre. It is not known where or how Cho obtained the chain with which he locked the doors at the stairway in the engineering classroom building.
    One of the guns was used in both incidents. An official added that Cho was “heavily armed and wearing a vest.””

    So how would stricter laws have changed the outcome?

  4. Completely aside from the ideals and good intentions on both sides of the gun control controversy, you have to look at what is actually the result in places with and without gun legislation. There are areas which have strict laws and higher rates of gun-related incidents, and areas where there are few gun-murders, but very loose laws. While many of the people who support gun-control have good intentions, the fact is that it does not always help.
    You really have to look deeper into the heart of the issue. Why did this guy snap? Why has this been happening more and more often recently? What can we do to change it.
    I like you’re response to this event, Tattooed Dad.

  5. I agree totally with you Tatooed Dad. Gun control had nothing to do with this horrible event. The young man was seriously mentally disturbed and in extreme need of psychiatric help. There was a breakdown in the efforts of the counseling staff at the university and the psychiatrist that evaluated him earlier.

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda is all fine, but the fact remains that there were way too many innocent lives destroyed by this.

    Our society is in desperate need of repair and healing— gun control is not the answer and I’m not sure any kind of legislation really will help.

    For now I send out my prayers~~

  6. It seems to me that the only thing that could have prevented it was for someone to have noticed and paid attention to how demented the gunman was. Gun control or not, he’d have found a way…people consumed with sickness usually do. Asking questions about gun control is way for people to cope and focus on one part of an extraordinarily complicated society and what brings people to feel that angry and desperate. There are no simple answers…none…

  7. Sorry I’m wicked late to this post, but guess what? It was the Neo-Con Repubs (Rush, FXN losers, Glen Beck, et al ad naseum) who brought up the debate about Gun control ASAP after the shootings in Virginia Tech.

    Regardless of left or right media, they both seemed to forget where to place the blame. Blame goes to the psychotic fucker who got a weapon (could be any weapon) and took out 32 people! Blaming the school system or the police is grasping for straws. And now they are reaching back to his childhood and what could have been prevented yadayadayada shit. “Uh Oh, lil Johnny is listening to Marilyn Manson again… lets get him into therapy before he hurts himself or someone else”

    Well, aside blaming “lil Johnny” who’s a lil screwed up in the head, we could place a little blame on the media for making “lil Johnny” a martyr or hero or whatever. Fuckin Manson (Charlie, not Marilyn) is a hero to a bunch of losers, as is Colimbine Trench coat fucks, and why? Cuz the media (liberal?) portrays then as such… and at the same time, invoking fear into the “everyday people”

    SO, “everyday working class people”, Be afraid of Manson (Marilyn and Charlie), be afraid of guns, be afraid of video games, be afraid of the guy with the mideastern accent (or is that Polish?), be afraid of 9/11 redux, be afraid of the kid next door, be afraid of the other kid next door with the wierd hair, be afraid of that leashless dog or stray cat, …

    Just be afraid, but don’t be ascared though, because Papa Bush, Uncle Cheney, and Auntie TV will take good care of you.

    Sweet dreams are …(you know the rest)

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