Too Much becomes too Little

I’ve been focusing so heavily on getting the nuts and bolts of working right that I have been neglecting my SAH dad duties.

A Public Apology:
M’love, I’m sorry. I have been putting out a lot of effort, but not in the right directions. I believe that I’m finished poking around in the guts here, and will be back on track.

In other notes,
You’ll see the list to your right. Those are what I read, and get info from all the time. I’m quite sure you can figure out what SFW and what’s not.

I noted that CafePress does not accept Paypal, only major credit cards. Leaves me out till enough of you buy stuff that I can use the proceeds to buy myself a shirt. I will be adding other designs and styles in the future, but I have to focus on home first. I have some damned cool ideas for kids and ladies.

Anyway, let me throw a general question out to you…
How do you self discipline (perverts! Not like that!) and manage the needs of children, partner, job, and self?
No easy task, and I don’t have it figured out yet. Leave your ideas in the comments….

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