So today, I spent whipping this place into shape, while the girls sat in front of the great glass boob. I usually don’t go that way, but sometimes it’s the only way to get things done.

Things you should know about this site:

A) I will make NO attempt to keep this place work safe. This is for Dads, not kids.
B) If it doesn’t look right on Windows, or in Internet explorer, don’t tell me about it. I don’t care. The site is standards compliant, and thus should be fine on all compliant browsers.
C) Your input is needed. Without readers, there is nothing here.
D) Coherence? What’s that? Entries will cover everything and anything.
E) Suggestions are welcome. They may be ignored, but they are welcome.

More later….

While Tattooed Dad is for Dads, Moms are welcome. After all, they did all the work!

Back at it.

I swear, I’m going to keep it going this time. I’ve simplified my original goals. Should make it easier to do.
I will add content as I go, usually in the mornings.
I’ll start by spamming all my freinds!

Only a daughter…

Only a Daughter…

So there I was, getting rid of some used coffee, when in walks Rose.
“Dada, why is pee coming out of that?”

Red Alert!!! Sound all alrams!

“Umm.. because that’s how boys pee, honey.”

R: “What is that?”

M: It’s my…… Lingum (sp?), honey. It’s what boys have instead of yonis.”

And on…

You know, it’s hard to answer these questions on a single cuppa.