Nice quote from Nikki Sixx

Caught this via Bravewords:
“Sitting here soaking up the love of my kids, all I can think about is how everybody is the house laughs a lot, a lot more that I can remember in a long time. Yes, it’s different being a single Dad and having a career, but different in a better way. I have a lot more to do daily and I take it very serious. I’ve not found anybody worthy of really dating and that’s OK by me… my kids come first, then my career and last my social life… I can live without the last two but not the first. So on I trudge. ”

Nikki Sixx – Read it here…

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of days. Been busy with work and family. Some days, you just have to stay away from the computer.

Other days, you wonder if shouting into the ether is worth it. Is there anybody actually reading this tripe?

Oh, another thing: some of you may remember a game that we used to play. Talisman. It’s back! Or will be this fall. It’s been out of print for at 10 years, but Games workshop is finally reissuing it. I’ll be buying it for sure.

Dilemma for a dad… Who wants to be a husband, too!

It’s been four years and 2 months since MBW (my beautiful wife) and I have had a private evening together. We did have a very nice dinner out a while ago, but still had to return home to the girls. (Thanks, Grammy!)
Grammy is going to visit again in late April, and I thought that it would be great to pull a rabbit out of my hat, and arrange to have a nice night out including a stay at a local hotel. Local, so that on the off chance something went wrong at home, we could return quickly.
I found some affordable hotels, but they are all the commonplace corporate chains with lame decor, thin walls, and bad smells. Then, I found it. THE place. It’s less than 2 miles away, has what sounds to be a smashing restaurant on premises, looks like an english manor house, there’s a spa and everything!

Shortest cost for a room? $285 a night. That’s right, almost 3 bills plus tax per evening.
I’m not saying it’s not worth it – $285 a night for a room with fireplace, marble tub, private hot tub…it’s seems that it’s a good value. Problem is, that’s about twice what I can spend. The room would eat up the max budget for the whole night. That means – no dinner, no drinks, no special extras (like flowers…).

What’s a man to do?
Anyone need web-design done? Wanna buy some old Macs?
I will make this happen. She Deserves it, I deserve it, We need it.

Ideas and comments are welcome, and appreciated.