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Cornelius – The Movie

Hey –
I have a friend. No, really, I do! His name is Giovanny Blanco. He is ver’ talented – in many ways.
He’s a damned good singer and front man.
He’s also a talented filmmaker.
I believe Cornelius: The Movie is his first completed feature. I first shot with him… oh back in 96, I think it were, on a project called Silver Boots which never saw the light of day for a variety of reasons.

Watch the trailer after the jump. (Warning – it’s a 15 mb dl, and may choke your browser for a moment)
Add Cornelius: The Movie to your myspace friends.
Give Gio mad money and props! And Jaswho?, too.

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Remember RealID? Help the UK fight it.

A newly leaked document shows that our UK friends are about to get assraped by their own government. I mirror the doc below, as it needs to remain in public view.

In the states, we seem to have lost the federal battle, but there are quite a few state governments giving the feds the middle finger on it.

Read the pdf here.

As I checked this post, I saw that Google had placed a relevant banner ad above it. WTF does John McCain have to do with this? Well, AFAIK, he supports Real ID.