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Not liking them. On Tuesday, Psycho Momia’s car got sidelined by the immense amount of rain we got. She was stranded for about 2 hours, blown off by 2 tow operators, and the craptastic dealership right across the street. That’s right, the “fine folk” at Cambridge Chevrolet and Honda wouldn’t lift a finger to aid a damsel in distress…less than 100 yards from their front door. Fuck them and their useless “service” manager. I guess we’ll pick somewhere else to get the pair of hybrids we’ve been thinking about. Luckily, something had just gotten wet, and soon dried out enough for her to get it running and made it home just in time for dinner. All was well, and got even better later – but I won’t get into that.

Today, I was on my way to the fruit, just about 2 miles from home. I pulled away from the light, went to upshift – and my shifter was freeballin’. Not a good thing. I get outta the road, start looking around, and see the frayed ends of sanity (which in this case were the shift cables) hanging loose. I didn’t know whether to scream in rage or cry in frustration. I managed to make it back home stuck in first gear and generally pissing off the folks behind me. Being a handy mutha – shut yo’ mouf (but I was just sayin’) and born mechanical wonder, I shall be able to fix it once I have the part. I think.

Now time for bed, and the hope that I might be able to get some stress relief going.