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Ruminations on someone who touched me…

No, not that way.I learned last night that Drew Hayes, writer/artist of Poison Elves (more links at the end) died of a heart attack March 21st. He was a whopping 37 years old, and left behind a young daughter.

I had multiple email conversations with Drew many years ago. He was a right bastard. He was also a truly sweet guy. When I first read about his passing, I cried. Yep. Got a problem with that? Then lets step outside, son.

It made me think…a lot. He left behind a legacy of words, and art. What have I done to be remembered for? For that matter, who will remember me? Will “I” live on through time, or simply drift away, fragments of a person who most never knew?

Some things clicking through my brain, and a new resolve to create and promote.


Goodbye, Drew. And thanks for everything….you fucker.