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A Multitude of Miscellany.

The storm is upon us. OLOPM will be here in a few hours. I shall be cooking her a birthday dinner which I hope turns out well. Shouldn’t be an issue, as I’m not a bad cook. Not a great one, either, but…

The girls are all excited, which is making them difficult to handle. They’re not being “bad”, per se, but are definitely high energy, and high maintenance. Should be fun getting them bathed.

Been Spending a lot of brainpower on the upcoming Kallisti Medias Project. WYSIWYG web editors all suck. And they make my brain hurt. I really need to learn Cocoa so I can program my own tools, ones that work the way my head does.

I’ve been “reading” Spook Country by William Gibson. In reality, I’m actually listening to it via the unabridged audiobook.
He, as always is a master of detailed descriptions, including little things that set the tone of the world you are vicariously exploring. Spook Country is set in the Now, and so is a different experience than his prior art. As I listen, I keep finding things to google. Crazy, I tell ya….the things you can find if you only know to look for them. I highly recommend All of his work. Get them here: William Gibson Books

Review: Spigga Live at the Lucky Dog in Worchester, MA

UPDATE: For any who have read this already, I’m sorry for the broken links. I had a software issue that is now fixed. The mp3’s work now, the pics work now…Sigh.

(A brief disclaimer: I have known Gio for a long time, and used to do sound for one of his previous bands.)

It must be summertime – Spigga is on the East Coast! On Sunday Night (7/14/07), I went down to the Lucky Dog to see Spigga. These guys play a funked up mix of… Well, it’s always a challenge to describe what they do. The best way I could describe them is take Prince, David Bowie, Trent Reznor and George Clinton throw them in a blender, add a large amount of Latino/hispanic flavour, and hit pureé.

That night, the band was heading into their 3rd show in 24 hours, yet they still hit the stage with a ferocious level of energy.

This time around, they have new live drummer – Troy “Big Coston”, who plays the smallest kit I’ve seen outside of a jazz club. While his kit is small, his groove is monsterous!

The whole band was hot and tight – sounds like a porno, doesn’t it? But that’s kinda where Spigga’s music takes you. It’s insane music for dancing your booty off – and dancing is fucking with your clothes on.

Spigga makes you want to get down and dirty, and that’s a damned good thing!With Their Permission, here a four mp3’s for your listening pleasure. Feel Free to share them with your friends! Click the speaker to play the songs, and click the link to download them.



Human What?

Papa Knows

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