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True Blood Review

New Vamp show from HBO and Alan Ball (Six Feet Under).
Set in a backwoods Louisana town, the first 2 episodes of this series have been Magnificent! Good character development, great writing, above par acting, hot sex scenes (damned near hardcore porn, I tells yah) and good music. Makes me want to get HBO…
As an added bonus, the song played over the credits has become a resounding mindbug. Trust me on this one – go and buy Jace Everett’s Old New Borrowed Blues. It’s (I believe) his Second record, and IMNSHO, far better than his first. The version of “Bad Things” in the show is from his first record, but the newer version has more power in my mind.
Bad Things (new version)
BAd Things (original release)

Metallica: Death Magnetic

I never thought that I would give a shit about Metallica again. The Atrocities that have been Metallica records since the second half of the Black Album had me prescribing several remedies, never expecting them to happen – as the almighty dollar almost always wins over artistic integrity.

  1. Fire Bob Rock. He’s a good pop producer, but wouldn’t know metal if it bit him.
  2. Get James a Beer and a Shot.
  3. Tell Lars to “sit the fuck down, Shut the Fuck up, and play your drums”

Looks like they did 2 out of three, because “DM” fucking rules. Like Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater said, “This is the record I’ve been waiting 20 years for!” Metallica have finally remembered who they are and how they got here.

The site

As part of the aforementioned various and sundry shit that has been affecting me, many pieces of Tattooed Dad 2.0 were never finished. They will be soon. I will be posting at least weekly, and more when celestial bodies aline. For those of you who have stuck by me while I sorted shit out, I thank you.