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I love it when a plan comes together

So as I previously ruminated, I gave notice to the Unnamed employer on Saturday. In two weeks I shall be unemployed.
And yet, it doesn’t worry me. I have feelers out in several directions, and I know worse comes to worse, I can flip burgers for a bit and still bring in the necessary. Psycho-Momia and I discussed it on Friday, and decided that it was the right thing to do. When I got home from work Friday night, there was an email waiting for me from a company I have a great amount of respect for. I send a blind inquiry to them about twice a year in regards to employment opportunities. They are a widely known company with a dedicated fan base, and are named after a fruit. I saw this email as a sign that I am on the right path.

The demons wonderful children have pushing boundaries left and right. Smallest is doing her best to convince me that she will indeed be the one I have to bail out of jail – probably for something like base jumping. If she’s not climbing on something or standing on something that puts her higher of the ground than any 2 and half year old has any right to be, she’s rummaging through the fridge looking for yogurt.

Oldest, on the other hand, has gotten very timid. Shy with most people, even ones she’s known most of her life. Afraid of Dogs and bugs, to the point that she doesn’t like to go outside to play. Out at a chain pet-store that allows dogs, She freaked out and said she didn’t like dogs. Psycho-Momia asked her something along the lines of “but you liked Candy, didn’t you?” (a cup of context: Candy was our Greyhound who died last fall) She replied “But Mama, that was different!”

It is amazing the speed that they can go from BFF to WFE. Playing quietly, happily to screaming and swinging in less than 2.5 seconds. And, no, we don’t let them watch violent TV or movies. It’s just part of being a kid.

I also just want to give a shout out to a couple of new readers, and old friends – Hey Youngblood! Hey Kev! And you too Guddy, if you show up. Long time no see.

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A lack of mom-entum.

Why is it, when I am home with the darling little ones (read as crazed axe murdering savages), I can’t move my ass? It takes 3 or 4 tries to get started on anything, and then all it takes to stop what I’m doing is one small screaming fit from the girls.

Yet when Psycho-Momia is home, I’m all gung-ho, and move through jobs like a red hot poker through already melting wax.

I know in the last couple of days, it’s partially because I’m attempting to deny my body a substance it has depended on for far too long. My head is all fuzzy, and I’m prone to cold sweats. But, that’s not the full deal – It’s been like this this for a month or so.

On a funnier note, Oldest girl just told me that Buzz (Lightyear, from Toy Story) had the biggest poop. Interesting, no?

Anyway…this ain’t going anywhere, anywhere at all.

I’m gonna go smoke some crack, shoot some heroin into my eyes and try to get some stuff done around here.

I need a real life.

Time for some linklove…

Hey everybody! It’s time for everyones favorite game show! It’s time for Link-Love!

Here are the places I spend way too much time at these days:

The Shrine of Knowledge, a brand spanking new gaming site. Mostly of the P&P Role-playing and Tabletop sort, it covers just about anything gamer related (and there’s a store as well…)

iPagan, a home for pagans online. Started by the same monkey who created Witchcraft.net about 100 years ago, iPagan is much more relaxed, intimate and tolerant. Hey, Even my Mom hangs out there.

Macintosh.ws, a funny (usually) site that has “mac news that hits you like a punch in the giblets”.

Unprotected Sleep. A site that deals with the nocturnal emissions of our minds.

The 4 sites above are the products of my little friend (say ‘ello to my leetle frieend…) Ray. He’s a talented designer/coder. Give him work to do, and pay for his website creation addiction!

A daddyblog I just started reading, Gaming with Baby is a SAHD, who is also an avid video gamer. Interesting reviews, and notes from life.

Listen here!
First is the brand new Audio Adaptation of The Illuminatus! by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. One of the best (or worst) mindfucks ever. There are excerpts available, but I recommend buying the bad boy. I’ll be doing so as soon as I can.

Like to have the shit scared out of you? Here’s a free Audiobook for you.EarthCore by Scott Sigler is an amazing first novel. Sigler will blow your mind. It’s scifi/horror/suspense, and you will find yourself putting stuff off, and making excuses just to find out what happens next, I promise. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!

And LAst, but not least, if any of y’all are on the myspace, these are Mine:
Personal page here
And my Music page here. If you wanna add me, just send a short note saying you came from here…Other wise I may just ignore you….

All the previous linking was done for free and out of the goodness of my heart….