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Kicking the tires on auto post.┬áSome girls are happy just to dial the rotary phone when they’re alone, but I can’t get off without having an egg timer in my ground zero grotto and a number of chillies up my shit winker. Leaving my panties sunny side up on the floor was the least of my worries as his giggle stick rammed deeper into my soft tight anus. With his mutton dagger raiding deep into my front bum, the sensation of his all-beef thermometer smashing my cervix made me quake like Muhammad Ali on a tumble dryer. The mixture of corn-eyed butt snake and Da Vinci load in my black hole created the delicious rectoplasm that he was so fond of. The plowing of my tradesman’s entrance was so vigorous, he soon found his man berries joining his disco stick deep in my cocoa channel.

The thrusting makes me splurge my spaff all over his wrist-thick wand. I awoke the next morning with my frilling pink golf bag still dripping. I thought it was over but his washington monument had other ideas. When he removed his jebend from my chocolate starfish, he was pleasantly surprised to see a sewer trout staring back as him. He knew I couldn’t wait to chow down on the stink pickle off his blind butler. The mixture of stink pickle and love piss in my ring piece created the delicious porthole pudding that he was so fond of. Now, I’ve had more hands up me than The Muppets, but the sight of his cunt plunger made my shrimp sap leach like a hungry pig at a trough.

Musical Blasts from the Past….

Feeling slightly nostalgic today, and Geekdad (from Wired) comes through with a pass-along from Wil Wheaton.
KROQ has a backup channel using all of their 80’s/early 90’s playlists and promos. If you are in LA, you can listen via HD Radio. If not, tune in and listen online. So far, I’ve heard Scritti Politti, The Alarm, and The Clash.

If you are looking more for big hair and screaming gitars, I highly recommend KQLZ – a tribute to the Lonn Friend programmed Metal Station from the Late 80’s/early 90’s. They even play stuff I don’t know.

Required Reading….


A long time ago, a certain beautiful girl introduced me to the world of the Wolfriders. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it changed my life – but it strengthened my beliefs and my convictions in a variety of ways.

It help solidify the growing connection between the girl and I (although she [then] would’ve had strong words for me had I called her such).

There are many reasons to respect the world that Richard and Wendy Pini created and nurtured:

  • One of the first Indie Comics
  • One of the first American comics to show infuence from Manga
  • The first comic to deal respectfully with consensual non-monogamy
  • Great, well developed characters
  • Excellent,intriguing story-line over all
  • WaRP Graphics has begun putting all (as in every issue) of Elfquest online, for free.
    You can begin your journey by clicking here. Not the best way to read, but an easy way to start without a financial commitment. Once you start, you’ll be buying the books, I’m certain of it!