My corona

So I got this: Right before all this shit started, I got canned. First time since 1996. I am cognizant of my responsibility in it, and still feel it should’ve been handled differently. I have been job hunting since. A couple of interviews, a couple of head hunter calls, and some friends hooking me up. So far they have not panned out. I had a promising lead, went through a screening, an hour long phone interview, and a 4 hour in person interview. I thought it went well, but.. I dropped an f-bomb somewhere in the in person, and it was enough to knock me out of the running.

I have a couple of days of work lined up over the holiday weekend, which is good. I mean, it kills the weekend, but I/we need the cash.

I am honestly beginning to lose my mind. Between being out of work, out of money, and away from people, this extrovert is going to explode. I am spending way to much time in my own head, and it is making me hate myself. Some of this will pass, I’m sure. I am also sure that all will be well in the long run.

There are only so many projects I can do, so many loads of laundry and dinners I can cook.

Only so many conversations I can have with myself, so many times I can tell myself it’s just the weasels speaking. Yeah, I’m in therapy. Still, it’s a struggle.

Cathouse, craziness, and commentary.

Y’all should check this out. It’s a nice snap shot of the world then – the dichotomy of sex drugs and Rock & Roll, the growing AIDS epidemic, the rampant sexism, sexual freedom, alcoholism, and sheer escapism that came from the death throes of the bright future that never would be.

A journey through the mind Of a Tattooed Dad.