Bringing it back.

Hey there, faithful readers. (That’s a joke, son, a joke.)(I know there is not likely anyone still listening)

It’s been a long time, and many changes have happened in our world. The focus of this blog is making an abrupt return and change, as I need a tool to assist processing.

Over the last two years, we have slowly been returning to polyamory as a way of life. This has accelerated in the last 8 months or so as we have met some truly wonderful people to explore with.

I have also been exploring and embracing some theoretical aspects of myself – namely primal/dominant/topping, with a good helping of bi-sexuality on the side.

We are also raising two teenage children, who have their own growth, knowledge and identity being influenced by these changes. I’ll be occasionally talking about them as they are still our number one priority, and influence our processes as well.

A short beginning, to be sure, but as I am writing this, I realize I need to create a Playbill, so you can keep track of all the characters, and there are some I have not yet given alias’ to.

In the meantime, a few links to assist you in knowing WTF I am talking about, and some other references.

Dossie Easton is a writer and has co-writen some of the best books out about polyamory and open sexuality. I highly recommend “The Ethical Slut” and both “The New Topping Book” and “The New Bottoming Book”.

Wiki’s Polyamory article

I can’t say how regularly I’ll be posting as life is complicated as fuck currently, but hey – that’s the reason I want to do this.

For now, chow.

Err, hello. Is this thing on?

I think I’m going to act like a madman here, and shout into the ether again.
It’s only been 8 years….
But there have been lots of changes, both widely ranging in the world at large, and much closer to home, smaller more intimate things that have a much larger impact in my sphere.
I feel the need, if for no other reason than to reason stuff out for myself, to start putting words to electrons again.

Talking to you

(NOTE: I have not edited the dictation below. I will in the future, but I found this too hilarious not to leave as is.)

So let’s see if we can make this little easier. I began using Mac dictate to start writing blog posts tweets lists etc. just to see if I can get inhabited dictating him and trying to account for my extreme lack of typing skills.

So far, things are working out pretty well. With the exception of having a think about what I’m going to say before really say it, things get right on through.

I would like to thank Moon spun for all of her kind words over the last few weeks and in her blog about myself and cycle movie in which delete backspace to it it it it it it it it okay

What’s been on around here is our Lady of perpetual motion has been in Florida since the end of October which leaves PM and I went out childcare which means that I go back working on my own nights and, PM and I rarely get to see each other. This is going on at the same time I’m trying to launch a new handicraft business. It makes it very hard to do woodworking basement when I’m watching a small child upstairs. But things are things in she is such a big help to us that it undo him that if Tom but if it’s an acceptable reward for her tubulin in Florida for the month at times she does couple times the of the year.

as it sits right now about throwing to Thanksgiving and ongoing holiday hell for us retail folks I would choose getting a little stressful but it will all work out fine in the away.

Using this new technology new new to me anyway, since kind of interesting perhaps they will be able to post more often.

Until then, love and kisses from the gutter speech. Stop listening no don’t listen anymore

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