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News and Veiws

Since last post, lots of stuff going on.
In the parlance of The Simpsons, I got promoted to Brainiac at the Fruit. This means mo’ money, mo betta hours, and a 2 week training trip to either Cali or Texas. Of course, I want to go to Cali. But that is up to the gods. This is a job I’ve wanted for a very long time. Regardless of when or where I go, it will be a bit difficult. At most, I’ve only been away from the girls overnight -ever. While I’m on the left coast, I hope to take a weekend trip up to see Todd atImperial Tattoo in Portland. Be nice to get my forearms finished finally!

We still haven’t heard anything about Psycho Momia‘s ride. But we have mostly adjusted to not having it anymore. Through the kindness of a friend, we have unlimited use of a car, which takes a lot of the stress off.

We have also come to the conclusion that we won’t be able to send both girls to montessori in the fall. It’s just too much money. Oldest child will have to go to public school, where she will do fine, but maybe not learn as much or as easily. On the flip side, Psycho Momia is looking into possibly becoming a Montessori Teacher.

Coming up is an all night gaming session with Agrippa and Zen Bones. I am thoroughly looking forward to it.
In a fun backwards look, my last post about sex and the parent, stimulated (heh) some interesting conversations. That, and a couple of other things, brought us back to life. Naturally, due to the perverse nature of the universe, we are smashingly horny – and I’m sick, with the worst of it happening at night.

Sometimes, ya just can’t win.

Speaking of winning, Obama was sworn in the other day. Lots of money was wasted. lots of very powerful, yet empty crap was said, and the separation of church and state was again mocked. Meanwhile, politics continued on in it’s normal fashion. His administration reiterated that the bullshit telecom immunity will be upheld, as more info that the NSA basically raped the US datastream, building dossiers or everyone with a net or phone connection came out. He publishes info that says former lobbyists won’t be working in related offices, and yet, the nominee for deputy defense secretary used to work for Raytheon.
No bailouts have been killed, no pullouts have happened, more taxes are being proposed, more spending of money on useless shit is being planned.
Change. Yeah right.

A collection o’ reflections on elections

  • Yea! No Republician President
  • Boo! A Democrat President
  • Landslide Electoral College Win
  • Close popular vote: +/- 7,000,000 vote spread. We are not as “united” as some would have you beleive.
  • McCain’s concession speech: Class.
  • McCain supporters response: No Class (c’mon, folks – booing the opposition is so 6th grade.)
  • Obama starting of his victory speech with a preacher? Yeah, so much for separation of church and state
  • The apparent respect of the million or so people at Grant Park? kudos.
  • Excellent use of crowd management tricks at Grant Park. Some very nice psycho-acoustics in use last night.
  • That said, it was still a circus for the plebes.

Only time will tell if the new boss is the same as the old boss.
He preaches change – now it’s time to see if he’ll put his ass on the line to make change.

Has it been that long?

Christ, does time fly when you have no idea what you’re doing! My work schedule has turned upside down – after working 98% nights for 5+ years, I’ve been doing days. Getting up early still sucks. Driving home when everybody else is really sucks. The new position though, is worth it. I’m learning tons, and before long will be certified. No, not certifiable – that I’ve been for a long damn time.

In conjunction with that, I’ve been pushing full force on the attic rebuild. The wiring is about 85% done, additional framing is about 90%. I should finish framing tomorrow and the electrical on Monday. Then comes the sheetrocking. Gawd, I hate wallboarding. A friend has offered to come up and help, supposedly removing the need to rent a wallboard jack. I’d say that 70 percent of what has to be done is a: at an angle, and B: over my head. I want a bloody jack.

We also tore out the outside wall in the entry way, insulated it, and ‘rocked it. Psycho Momia now gets to tape and mud.

We did take some time off for fun, and made a trek to King Richard’s Faire. We worked there for a long time – which brings me to another thing, which ain’t so happy. The delightful woman whom we worked for (and I dated)(really long story….), who is also the girls goddess mother, is ver’ ill and in the hospital. If you can spare any happy thoughts, she sure could use them.
As part of our visit, we carried around a sign, and took photos of many of her old friends. I emailed them to her and brightened her day.
The girls got to ride a pony, played princess, and had a good ole time.
My favorite moments?
Watching Psycho Momia get her thang on – just going to faire fires her up, and makes her forget the drag of the daily grind. Her spirit just flares so bright, and she walks so tall, and looks so beautiful (and no, it’s not just that she puts her cleavage on display – although it helps!)

Running into the pickle man – haven’t seen him in so long….

And seeing the Dread Pirate Bunny in the flesh was and always will be a wonderous thing. I have to confess, that if I were single, I would pursue her with all I got!

Can you blame me? Drop dead gorgeous, sweet, smart…

Still avoiding the political shitstorm, as in my book, the two choices suck.
Still addicted to True Blood. Damn, that’s some good shit, there!

Getting ready for our annual Halloween party – it’s coming November 1st, and you can get more deets @ the newly revived family site –!
Also being reworked is Kallisti Medias, MikealTV(coming soon!), and new content at St. Ayre Dot Com.