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Talking to you

(NOTE: I have not edited the dictation below. I will in the future, but I found this too hilarious not to leave as is.)

So let’s see if we can make this little easier. I began using Mac dictate to start writing blog posts tweets lists etc. just to see if I can get inhabited dictating him and trying to account for my extreme lack of typing skills.

So far, things are working out pretty well. With the exception of having a think about what I’m going to say before really say it, things get right on through.

I would like to thank Moon spun for all of her kind words over the last few weeks and in her blog about myself and cycle movie in which delete backspace to it it it it it it it it okay

What’s been on around here is our Lady of perpetual motion has been in Florida since the end of October which leaves PM and I went out childcare which means that I go back working on my own nights and, PM and I rarely get to see each other. This is going on at the same time I’m trying to launch a new handicraft business. It makes it very hard to do woodworking basement when I’m watching a small child upstairs. But things are things in she is such a big help to us that it undo him that if Tom but if it’s an acceptable reward for her tubulin in Florida for the month at times she does couple times the of the year.

as it sits right now about throwing to Thanksgiving and ongoing holiday hell for us retail folks I would choose getting a little stressful but it will all work out fine in the away.

Using this new technology new new to me anyway, since kind of interesting perhaps they will be able to post more often.

Until then, love and kisses from the gutter speech. Stop listening no don’t listen anymore

Staring at a blank page

(tap, tap… Umm, is this thing on?)
Oh, hi! Didn’t see you there.
I was inspecting the cobwebs, see, and…

I know, I know. Bad blogger. Thing is, see, that when life is happening, I’m just too bloody busy to write about it.
Having just finished a chore, done with buggy and never to be updated software, I actually have a minute to myself – before midnight!

Mostly these days, I say short and pithy things on the Twitter. You can find me there by clicking here or looking over to the right.

It’s short, and sweet, being limited to 140 characters. Some folks don’t get it, and that’s ok.

Around here, it’s the same usual chaos. Still working on the 3rd floor bedroom, still raising 2 incredible, frustrating, amazing daughters, still working for the fruit, still head over heels, madly, gladly in love with Psycho Momia (even if I am stupid enough to occasionally really piss her off – I’m a dipshit, I tells ya).

OLPM is off on the florida panhandle for a visit, which has put some strain upon life. Psycho Momia‘s boss has been kind, and lets her leave early on the days I have work, and my boss has also been accomodating, but the end result is our next day off together isn’t likely to be until the middle of May.

I spent 2 weeks in Atlanta for Training. Nice town you folks have down there. If ever you are there, go to The Vortex Bar and Grill for the best damned burgers I’ve had – ever. Even better than In-n-Out. There, I said it. Hot Alt folk for waitrons, crazy stuff to look at everywhere (including motorcycles ridden by skeletons hung from the ceilings).
Ate me sum gator whilst I was down there, too.

Not much else going on. Really.